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Central South Island Helicopters Ltd are Aircare and Growsafe accredited operators and offer a wide range of agricultural services. We are dedicated to providing quality and efficient service and have a large ground support fleet and selection of role equipment to get the job done.


All of our aircraft are equipped with Tracmap Flight Prot GPS units. These are the highest quality agricultural aviation GPS systems available to provide accurate placement of the product  and the ability to upload blocks and download in the field.



Our helicopters are equipped with certified spray gear suitable for brushweed spraying, crop spraying, forestry and liquid fertiliser application. This gear can also complete patch spraying and spot gun spraying for scattered patches of gorse and broom and other noxious weeds.

Check the Events & Deals page for any special deals on spraying.

           Bucket work


Central South Island Helicopters spreader buckets have completed many thousands of hectares of fertiliser, lime, seed and bait application throughout the world with continuous improvements along the way. Our buckets have many features to improve accuracy and reliability for sowing such a wide range of products.


We also have internal and external deflectors available for half swath sowing, trickle feed attachments and switching gear available so the buckets can quickly and easily be set up and used on any helicopter.

           Pest Control


Central South Island Helicopters can provide pest control services for a wide range of animal pests. Our MD 520N Notars are ideally suited to working the hill country giving increased safety margins for this type of operation. These machines have room for two shooters to increase efficiency giving you more bang for your buck. 

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