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Central South Island Helicopters can cater for all types of commercial and industrial operations. We have helicopters to suit any job, large or small, and our extensive ground support resources allow us the ability to operate from remote bases for extended periods.


Central South Island Helicopters offer a range of lifting services from big to small. The AS350 BA Squirrel is our main lifting machine with a max external lift of 800 kg. For smaller lifts under 600 kg we have the McDonnell Douglas 520N Notars.


We have a wide range of certified lifting equipment to suit most lifting operations including:

  • Hut installation and removal

  • Airconditioning units

  • Wire stringing

  • Fencing equipment

  • Gravel work

  • General Cargo and more


All of our machines are equipt with fire fighting gear ready for quick response.  Our AS350 BA and Notars, run Dew Drop monsoon buckets with a 600-800 litre water capacity. Each of our monsoon buckets are connected to a foam injector unit for adding fire retardant foam to each load of water.


For controlled burn offs and back burning we have an underslung fire lighter which is ideal for burning areas that would otherwise be difficult or dangerous to access.



Central South Island Helicopters are Part 135 certified operators and have an excellent safety record. We provide commercial transport services catering for a wide range of requirements including Scenic flights, positioning of crews in remote ares, photography, filming, hunting, fishing and more. Give us a call to discuss your commercial transport needs.  


With the Kakanui Mountains to the west and the pacific coastline to the east, we are based in an excellent spot for scenic flights. We have capacity for up to 6 passengers per flight in our AS350 BA Squirrel.


We also provide joyrides at many local functions and fundraisers, so be sure to check our Events and Deals page to find out when and where and for any other flight package deals.



Our pilots are experienced in a wide range of surveying operations, incuding powerline survey, aeromag, pest inspections and farm survey. 

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